What to Look for in a Confined Space Rescue Team

Not all oil, gas and mining construction and maintenance projects require a confined space entry rescue team (as some projects may not produce confined space risks) but when the project does, you want to ensure you have the best possible team in place. The safety of your workers onsite is a priority especially given the level of risk and associated liability on projects requiring this rescue expertise.

When you need to bring in a confined space rescue team for your project, a few things to consider include:

Experience of the Confined Space Entry Rescue Team

Do they have prior work experience in the confined space field of rescue and on similar projects? You should not only consider the project lead but also those working on the project as well. An experienced team is crucial to the safety of your workers and property.

Track Record

Does the team you are looking to select have good references? What do previous customers have to say about them? Can they demonstrate a proven track record of success on similar projects?

Cross-Functional Capabilities

Can the team provide additional services beyond their core area? For example, technicians on the Protocol Rescue team are also trained in firefighting, EMR/EMT, fire safety inspection etc.


With something as complex and challenging as confined space rescue, it’s very important that your team stays sharp. Ensure the team you’re exploring trains regularly and ask them to perform a sample training exercise for your review.


An emergency rescue services firm should always provide complete and comprehensive documentation of the company, its technicians and associated activities. All the documentation should be up to date and available at the client’s request.


Be sure your confined space entry rescue company employs an adequate level of insurance that mitigates your risk. This is a definite necessity for your selection process.

If you have any other questions about selecting a confined space entry rescue team for your oil, gas and mining construction or turnaround project please contact Steve Gruber at jhull@protocolrescue.com.