Elevated work presents unique hazards along with special rules and regulations for project managers.

Protocol Rescue Rope Rescue’s personnel are capable of supporting projects during work in high-risk environments either at heights or in confined space through planning, consulting and auditing before and during the project.

Technical Rescue team members hold certification within the emergency response industry to the standards set by internationally recognized organizations such as the NFPA (Nation Fire Protection Association).

Rescue technicians are available with certifications that include:

  • NFPA1006 Rope Rescue, NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials,1001 Professional Fire Fighter.
  • EMR (Emergency Medical Responder), PCP (Primary Care Paramedic).

Rope Rescue Technicians are also available with cross-training in breathing air/gas detection equipment allowing our team members to serve multiple roles on larger projects without the need for additional manpower costs.

From single location work on one tower or confined space to multi-location projects during facility turnarounds, Protocol Rescue’s Rope Rescue personnel can keep your workers safe and your project safety compliant.

H2S Safety/Breathing Air Services

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Plant Turnaround

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Technical Rescue – High Angle/Confined Space

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