Protocol Rescue provides the experienced safety personnel and equipment that allows your project to scale up while remaining compliant with occupational health and safety regulations and client rules while keeping the costs low through multiple discipline training of onsite personnel.

Protocol Rescue can look after the following project safety requirements.

Safety Training

Protocol Rescue instructors ensure safety certification of manpower meets client and provincial OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) requirements in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

NCSO (National Construction Safety Officers)

Compliance auditing and procedure development before and during a project will ensure adherence with the client and provincial requirements.


EMR/EMT/Paramedic, OFA3 for on-site medical care as a stand-alone service or as an integrated service with a high-angle rope rescue team.

Technical Rescue – Confined Space/High Angle

Technical rescue team members carrying out high angle rescue operations, have years of project experience and carry 3rd party certification ensuring they meet the standards set by internationally recognized organizations such as the NFPA (Nation Fire Protection Association) .

Safety Watch

For confined space entry, spark watch and gas detection trained by our instructors to the importance of their role in recognizing the dangers that develop during worksite operations and supervised by our onsite leadership.

Breathing Air

For work in hazardous environments involving H2S, Co2, low 02 or S02, Protocol Rescue can assist by providing the SABA/SCBA (supplied air breathing apparatus/self-contained breathing apparatus) with trained and experienced manpower.

Gas Detection/Sampling

Monitor the hazardous gasses on projects using area/perimeter monitoring systems or personnel for gas testing and sampling of high risk work environments, Protocol Rescue has the people and equipment to evaluate and proactively react during a project when working around atmospheric hazards.

H2S Safety/Breathing Air Services

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Plant Turnaround

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Technical Rescue – High Angle/Confined Space

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