Emergency Response at Remote Oil and Gas Sites – What’s Involved

In addition to the obvious responsibility of responding to health and worker safety, emergency response services teams also oversee a large range of activities pertaining to safety planning, worker safety training, and coordination with local and provincial emergency response teams.

Emergency response teams who work on remote oil and gas sites also include paramedics specially trained in remote care medicine, and all team member will also have thorough knowledge of health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) codes, standards and procedures as applicable to emergency response.

Here are examples of activities that your emergency response team will be involved with on-site at remote oil, gas and mining projects.

Medical Services

EMR/EMT/paramedic medical services for on-site incidents and response to emergency situations, which can also include firefighting. After an emergency situation arises, the team will also coordinate and participate in the investigation of all emergency response incidents.

Onsite Training

This includes man down and fire drills, which are simulations and training readiness that incorporate all emergency services on site, and ensure evacuation procedure familiarity. The emergency response leader will also coordinate general site-specific ERP training for all project personnel.

Coordination with Local and Provincial ERT Facilities

Your emergency response team will work and communicate with local and provincial emergency response teams facilities and senior representatives to ensure workers receive attention at the right facilities as fast as possible in case of an incident.

Remote/Rough Terrain Rescue and Planning

Develop rescue procedures from hard-to-access areas and carry out rescue activities as required, in accordance to written procedures.

High Angle Rescue

Create custom rescue and fall arrest plans to meet project requirements, unique hazards and legal requirements of working at heights.

Confined Space Rescue

Have rescue plans to meet unique hazards and legal requirements of working in confined spaces. Confined space risks are present in any situation where workers may fall or get trapped into small spaces that are not designed to be occupied for long periods of time.

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