What Is An Emergency Response Plan?

An emergency response plan is a plan for coordinating and guiding employees, agencies and personnel to provide a fast response in the event of an emergency. For oil, gas and mining companies, an emergency response plan is essential for the health and safety of workers on project sites because of the amount of hazards and risks found on-site compared to other work environments such as offices.

1. Identify Possible Emergencies

Identify all potential hazards and emergencies that could occur and impact the site, such as natural disasters, incidents caused by human error or equipment/technology failure.

2. Plan Evacuation

Include evacuation procedures for the work site and designate meeting areas where employees can convene in the event of an evacuation, such as fire or leaks. Part of safety training should involve familiarizing employees with where these sites are.

3. Develop Communication Systems

Determine where emergency contact phone numbers should be posted, and which numbers should be included. Ensure that the people and agencies on that list know that you are depending on them in the event of an emergency.

4. Train Employees

All employees and contractors should be aware of what to do in the event of different emergencies. Employees should have orientations on where to find emergency numbers, where alarms are located and how to stay safe in different types of situations.

5. Emergency Response & Equipment

The relevant equipment and emergency response procedures should be available to protect workers. If employees are working in hazardous situations, there should be emergency response personnel or equipment on standby in case of an unexpected incident.

6. Practice Drills

To test whether your emergency response plans are adequate and to ensure employees are familiar with how to respond, have practice drills for the different emergencies you identified in step 1. For some of the drills, it may be necessary to include other emergency response agencies such as the fire department and paramedics.

Having an emergency response plan for your oil, gas or mining site is essential for compliance and protecting your workers. If you need help developing or updating your emergency response plan, contact us at jhull@protocolrescue.com.