Performing Due Diligence When Hiring an Emergency Response Team

When looking to hire a vendor for your emergency response or high angle rescue needs, it’s important to perform due diligence to ensure that both the vendor and the individuals on their team have the experience and capabilities to fulfill their responsibilities to your company’s workers.

The due diligence process for such a specialized and critical role should be more thorough than what you’d undertake for positions such as an office job because your workers’ lives could depend on the team.

If you’re in the process of researching or selecting an emergency response team for your oil, gas or mining project, here are a few essential areas to include in your due diligence process.

1. Associations

Is the company a member of a relevant professional association, such as PICS Auditing and ISNetworld? Are the individual team members part of professional associations such as NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) or other groups related to emergency response, medical or rescue?

2. Insurance

Does the company have insurance? In the event of negligence or an incident that requires your company to pursue damages against the vendor, is the vendor’s insurance sufficient to cover plausible damages?

3. References

Asking the potential vendor for references from at least one previous client is essential. It shows they’ve successfully completed previous projects safely and in a professional manner. When asking the vendor for references you can contact, try to request a reference that’s from the same industry or same type of project you’re hiring them to help with.

4. Certifications of Individuals

For example, the certifications required of a general emergency response rescuer are very different from the certifications for high angle rescuer. Make sure you check each individual for the emergency response or rescue role they will be performing on the team.

5. Security and Character Checks on Individuals

In addition to verifying the certifications of individuals, ensure you perform a security check to ensure there aren’t any questionable marks on their police records. You might also want to perform random reference checks on individuals to confirm they are professional and have good character. An emergency response can be a stressful role and you want to make sure they have the capacity to handle it in case an incident arises at your site.

Do you have other tips on selecting an emergency rescue team? Share your thoughts below.