Founded in 2011, Protocol Rescue was created with the goal of developing and delivering safety services to the oil/gas, mining and electrical industries in western Canada.

Having years of experience in both the Canadian and foreign oil industries, the Protocol Rescue team brings with them the unique knowledge, skills, and advantages gained from their positions held with the largest oil/gas safety service providers and producers.

This includes high angle and confined space rescue teams, H2S safety supervisors/supplied air breathing technicians for well head and facilities, gas detection and atmospheric monitoring equipment.

Our team members are trained and experienced to assist onsite management by developing required documentation packages to ensure compliance of both provincial and client rules/regulations when working with confined space entry/rescue, hazardous gasses/atmosphere.

These services are supported by Protocol Rescue’s team of project planners and managers.

Protocol Rescue provides a wide range of services including:

  • High Angle Rescue Teams
  • Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • H2S Safety Supervisor
  • Safety Watch / Confined Space Watch
  • Hazard Gas Detection and Monitoring
  • Onsite Emergency Medical Services
  • Safety Certification and Training

Protocol Rescue is a member of:

Jesse Hull

EMR, Fire Fighter, Rope Rescue Technician

Owner and High Angle Rescue Specialist

Jesse is an industrial rescue specialist turned businessman. During his career, Jesse has trained in the emergency services field and worked within leadership and been in training roles with some of the largest safety services companies in the energy sector such as:

  • HSE integrated
  • United Safety
  • Target Safety

Founding Protocol Rescue LTD in 2010, Jesse has studied business, finance, and taken a variety of executive education programs at the University of Alberta’s School of Business with the goal of developing and delivering services directly to the energy producers of western Canada,

He has since worked with a number of clients including:

  • Suncor Energy
  • Brion Energy
  • Southern Pacific Oil and Gas

Dan Reilly

EMT, Fire Fighter, Rope Rescue Instructor

Program Development, Training, Emergency Response Planning

Dan’s career program development has spanned from Alberta to international oilfields. As an Alberta registered EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and rope rescue instructor, Dan has specialized in the design, implementation and management of programs for oilfield safety, emergency response and employee training for a variety of industries. Some of his past positions held incorporate:

  • Supervisor of safety and emergency services for the Calgary Olympic Park
  • International training program developer for United Safety
  • Development association and coordinator of emergency services division at Target Safety to name a few

The success of Dan’s programs have resulted in:

  • Modified work program for CODA (Canadian Olympic Development Association) resulting in lost time incidents dropping from 46 down to three,
  • Developed a training program specific to the needs of foreign workers in China in order to facilitate better learning for incoming safety professionals. The program led to increased understanding and professionalism in the recruits and a shorter learning curve sending capable people into the field sooner.

Gordon Hull (NCSO, CHSEP)

Safety Program Auditing and Development

Gordon has been providing thoughtful and effective safety mentoring in the field and corporate levels for over 13 years for clients across western Canada and the Northwest Territories.

Clients include:

  • Titan Drilling (Calgary),
  • Statoil (Calgary, Leismer),
  • MGM (Norman Wells),
  • Chevron (Liard, Fox Creek),
  • BP (Terre De Gras) and
  • Husky (Sunrise, Tucker Lake).

Areas of experience include:

  • Construction (dirtwork, pipeline and facility)
  • Oilfield
  • Drilling
  • Exploration (seismic and core drilling)

He has been invovled with corporate safety program management, and consulting safety manual writing and program implementation.

Gordon brings a proven broad range of experience to our team, successfully equipped workers and managers with the “tools” required to develop and nurture a healthy safety culture within their respective organizations.

Jevenn, Kowalchuk – (NCSO)

Safety Program Development

Jevenn worked for several years in the oil and gas safety industry working his way into NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer), rope access and rope rescue positions before joining the crude-by-rail industry.

Jevenn became an industry leader in the area of safely transporting oil by rail and assisted companies in the position of:

  • General Manager
  • Dangerous Goods Officer
  • Safety Manager

He has worked with companies including:

  • Iron Edges Resources (transloading),
  • Mobile Transloading
  • Big Sky Rail and
  • Last Mountain Rail.

He is currently working with Simba iTransloading inc. as well as designing safety manuals, program development, consultation and auditing.